Draper Startup House

Helping every single entrepreneur, and every single startup.
No matter your business cycle stage, pre-revenue or post-revenue, we will connect you to mentors, opportunity to capital, and funding to help accelerate your vision.

DSH Ventures is a global syndicate created for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs receive better access to funding, while helping to cultivate a network of entrepreneurial growth.

Whether it’s through the connection of individuals, or outside networks, if the company is not prepared for the next funding stage or to be syndicated, DSH’s internal team will provide feedback in order to help elevate.

The Draper network provides access to venture capital funding, and the ability to submit pitch decks to the Draper Venture Network, which has 24 global funds.

If you are raising funds and are ready to take your business to the next level, please apply below.

Connect, Apply, Let Us Do the Rest

Once you connect with a DSH Ventures Associate, they will help connect you to a global team member to reach out to you.

The global team member will help relay the funding enquiry form, which will collect your company’s information that will help us match you with a perfect investment partner.

Although fundraising takes quite a bit of time, over the next couple of weeks DSH Ventures helps match you with one of our investment partners.