We build startup societies globally through community, investment, and education
Where collisions between creatives, technologists, designers, and scientists become the innovations found in the world’s most impactful companies.


You’ve arrived at the best place on the planet to get out of your comfort zone, and mingle with global entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. Discover our locations and plan your visit today!

Why Draper Startup House?
Mentorship and fundraising assistance for founders
A supportive, global network of talent and resources
Services, partnerships, startup credits to boost your launch
Coworking, coliving, and other startup ecosystem locations
Events and learning opportunities to empower you
Draper Nation is a new country on the internet governed by its citizens, with an on-chain sovereign wealth fund collectively owned by its citizens via $CITIZEN.

Draper Nation is the first digital nation in the process of negotiating treaties with sovereign countries, which will offer its citizens the freedom of physical mobility.

Raise smart-money capital Anywhere in the world
Bring us your big idea, at any stage. This is the place where smart money meets Startup Heroes.

Angels and VCs around the world count on Draper Startup House Ventures for exceptional deal flow, powered by a rigorously collaborative global ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship Education for the Digital Age
Draper University transforms individuals into superheroes, who change the world. Top global talent come to Draper University to connect, grow and build. Whether it is starting new companies, joining fast-growing startups, innovating corporate and governments, or accelerating personal growth, our superhero alums pursue life with gusto and enthusiasm. Build your startup, career and network with us!

The future of citizenship is here. Break Barriers. Live Borderless. Be Free.
Ever wondered what it means to be a citizen of a country existing entirely on the internet? Welcome to Draper Nation, the world's first borderless, self-governed digital nation.

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