Written by: Vikram Bharati

I first met Nick Clark in 2019 when he was a guest at Draper Startup House in Singapore. An ex lance corporal from the British Royal Marines with a strong physique, he was hard to miss.

We got to know Nick over beers at our regular networking happy hours. He was the Founder of a maritime security company with operations in West Africa and the Indian Ocean. His industry was very old school where processes hadn’t changed in decades. Nick wanted to find a way to digitise his business but didn’t really know how to get started.

After seeing a poster on our community board for the upcoming program at Entrepreneur First’s Singapore location, he applied and got accepted into the program. At EF he met his technical cofounder Hrishi Olickel and their Startup Greywing was born.


I love what their Startup Greywing is doing. Their software allows shipping and maritime companies to track complex metrics in real time, combining data from across organisations to easily keep track of hundreds of vessels. It digitises forecasting, tracking, auditing and communications so that maritime companies can make faster and better business decisions.

It was no surprise that their Startup got accepted into Y Combinator and they are well on their way to building a successful company with meaningful traction and a large list of maritime customers who love their product.

If you are an investor looking for opportunities to invest in B2B SaaS platforms that are digitising very large industries such as the maritime and shipping industry, I can’t think of a better Startup to invest in.

This is just the beginning of their journey and I’m confident that we will see great things come out of this Startup and their Founders. Onwards!

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