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Tim Draper Launches The Bitcoin Native Nation
Tim Draper Launches The Bitcoin Native Nation San Mateo, United States,  29 August 2023 Draper Nation is a new Bitcoin-native, digital nation, built from the ground up, founded by the legendary Silicon Valley Investor Tim Draper where bureaucracy-free governance is powered by citizens through decentralized decision-making. The waitlist to become a Draper Nation citizen is now open. Your NFT passport will provide access to benefits, rewards, and recognition. Draper Nation is bootstrapped with the support of Draper Associates, Draper Venture Network, Draper Startup House, and Draper University, whose alumni have created over 750 companies and collectively raised more than $950M. Draper Nation is built on the Jur Network, where Tim Draper participated as an early investor. Alessio Treglia, former CTO of Ignite/Tendermint (the company that launched the blockchain-interoperability protocol Cosmos), recently joined Jur as CTO.  Jur recently hosted a Startup Society Founders’ Awards for community builders, influencers, DAOs, and innovators to experiment with new societal models. Founders participated from over 50 teams representing 0.5 million community members. Tim Draper, the legendary investor in Silicon Valley, has launched a new digital nation. This nation is guided by the vision of creating a community-led, Bitcoin-native society from scratch, where governance is free from bureaucracy and decisions are made through decentralized processes by citizens. By 2030, Draper Nation aims to become a decentralized powerhouse with physical cities where you can effortlessly invest, own property, and pay taxes—all in Bitcoin. Tim Draper, a long-term believer in alternative forms of government, expresses his thoughts: "The Internet has already revolutionized many industries. What is a government if not a collection of insurance policies? About 80 percent of the government functions as a form of insurance. With a Bitcoin economy, all of this could become virtual."   Tim Draper On Elon Musk, Tesla, Bitcoin & The Future Of The U.S. Draper Nation offers a new realm of opportunities for collective growth and privileges, supported in the initial bootstrapping phases by the Draper Network. The network includes Draper University, which has seen over 750 companies founded by alumni collectively raise $950M in capital, and Draper Startup House, which maintains 25 embassies across 5 continents.  With the backing of the Draper Network, the new citizens of Draper Nation will have access to unparalleled resources and mentorship, scholarships to Draper University in Silicon Valley, lectures from leaders of top companies in the Draper Associates portfolio, demo days, online accelerator programs, exclusive events, and other perks which will be made exclusively available to Draper Nation citizens each season.  The waitlist is now open for those interested in becoming Pioneer Citizens. Contributors in this first season will shape the direction of the nation and experience its growth firsthand.  Jur recently launched its chain and dApp, making it easy to create Web3-native societies. Recently, Alessio Treglia (formerly CTO of Ignite/Tendermint, the company that launched the blockchain-interoperability protocol Cosmos) joined as Chief Technology Office (CTO): "After focusing on infrastructure for years, I'm excited to support Jur Network's growth. I believe decentralized governance is the next big thing in Web3 and can enhance the status quo. Draper Nation demonstrates how Jur's technology can bridge physical and virtual worlds, creating a transformative impact." Vikram Bharati, Founder of Draper Startup House comments "Draper Startup House is thrilled to pioneer a digital frontier in global governance, spearheading the innovation of a novel network state with Bitcoin at its transactional core. We're delighted to collaborate with JUR on this groundbreaking project." About Tim Draper Tim Draper founded Draper Associates, DFJ, and the Draper Venture Network, a global network of venture capital funds. Funded Coinbase, Baidu, Tesla, Skype, SpaceX, Twitch, Hotmail, Focus Media, Robinhood, Athenahealth, Box, Cruise Automation, Carta, Planet, PTC and 15 other unicorns from early/first rounds. He is a supporter and global thought leader for entrepreneurs everywhere, and is a leading spokesperson for Bitcoin and decentralization, having won the Bitcoin US Marshall’s auction in 2014, invested in over 50 crypto companies, and led investments in Coinbase, Ledger, Tezos, and Bancor, among others. He is regularly featured on all major networks as a proponent for entrepreneurship, innovative governance, free markets and Bitcoin, and has received various awards and honors including the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s “Entrepreneur of the World,” and is listed as one of the top 100 most powerful people in finance by Worth Magazine, the top 20 most influential people in Crypto by CryptoWeekly, #1 most networked VC by AlwaysOn, #7 on the Forbes Midas List, member of the Global Guru 30 Startup Gurus in the world, and #48 most influential Harvard Alum. About Draper Nation By 2030, Draper Nation ( will become a decentralized powerhouse with physical cities where you can effortlessly invest, own property, and pay taxes – all in Bitcoin. Draper Nation is the ultimate online “Coordi-Nation.” After you mint your NFT passport, your citizenship gives you access to participate in initiatives to earn rewards and grow with us! You’ll engage in seasons to unlock badges that grant access to our unique social recognition system, open to anyone with an internet connection. ### Media contact information Draper Startup House International (Singapore) Ming Xia Ho +65 9488 3585
04:00 PM - 28 Aug 2023
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