- Tim Draper -“the more you try new things, the more chances you have to succeed.”The legendary Draper University course is now available to anyone, anywhere.

Fundamentals of entrepreneurship ProgramStart date: 21 Mar 2022
When it was founded by Tim Draper in 2012, Draper University of Heroes shook up the traditional business education establishment.

By offering team-based learning, project-oriented experiences, and even survival training, Draper University has transformed the lives of thousands of people from 68 countries.

Draper Startup House Academy is a cooperation between Draper University and Draper Startup House, offering a rigorous 30-hour program delivered by legendary entrepreneurs and investors.

Get even more connected to the Silicon Valley spirit with the optional Draper Startup House coworking and coliving combination package.

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When it was founded by Tim Draper in 2012, Draper University of Heroes shook up the traditional business education establishment.Learn more and enroll
HOW IT WORKS FOR Participants
No boring lectures! Practicing experts facilitate team-based learning
One-on-one mentors guide project-oriented experiences
Available pool of pre-seed funding, up to US$ 100,000
Certificate in your name for use on social profiles, pitch deck, and CV
What people are saying about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship Program
Sharon Winter
The connections, relationships, advice, and support you get is unmatched by any other experience you’ll ever get. Being in an institution that is SO open minded, and a little bizarre, is enough to get you thinking differently, grow and harden your heart as an entrepreneur, and get you prepared for literally anything and everything that will come your way. The Draper team really does know startups and what it takes to be a success.

Kevin Longa
Draper University changed my life – from an aspiring, wide­ eyed thinker to an active, get­ stuff­ done entrepreneur. This school is not your normal by the books, study­ late­ for ­exams institution – and rightfully so. After decades of learning to get straight A's and never make a mistake, DU helped me understand a few things about business and life. It's ok to fail and try again, taking the unconventional route is often faster and more fun and you'll never have all of the answers so embrace uncertainty.

Kaili Kleemeier
It was amazing for me to participate in a program that shares many of the same philosophies that I try to live my life by. It made working the program much easier and very enjoyable. Much of what they teach at Draper is what we believe as a team and doing things that we are passionate about. That same feeling is evident during the entire program at Draper.

already graduated? top-up learning with partner offers Draper Startup House Academy in association with Draper Entrepreneur Network (DEN) also offers other world-class training from globally recognized education partners.