By Sanne Breimer

Vinny Lauria of Red Sauce HospitalityIn ‘5 questions’ you read about inspiring stories from friends of Tribe Theory. Today: Vinny Lauria, originally from the United States and already eight years in Hong kong. He is an executive chef of Red Sauce Hospitality, as well as chef/partner of The Guild, Singapore. 

1. In what specific moment did you decide to start your business?

“I was cooking since I was 6 years old and I’ve always wanted to be a chef and own my own restaurants. And I’ve always had an entrepreneurial and leadership mentality from school and sports to today. The fact that I wrestled from the age of 7 through college attributed hugely to my work ethic and my desire to succeed. I owe a lot to my coaches and mentors.”

2. What would you like to achieve with your business?

“First of all, I just want to provide great tasting food delivered with hospitality to people. On a deeper level, I want to have an influence on the way we look at dining out and consuming food. We are in the midst of an era of convenience and novelty. I don’t think that food is really about that. Good, healthful food should be accessible to everyone.”

3. What are your most important lessons learned so far?

“That if you stay steadfast in your vision, is you continue to push hard at it, you will eventually achieve it. It takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication to achieve your goals. It’s important that you find inspiration to keep going, for me, it helps to teach young people with a desire to learn.”

4. In what sense are you an ‘Entrepreneur without borders’?

“I’ve opened restaurants in 4 different countries. I’ve found that even though the languages are different, that food can provide an amazing career for people with the will to be great. Those with a very strong will have the opportunity to not just be great chefs and restaurant professionals, but to excel creatively with our medium.”

5. What is the one thing you need the most at this stage? (can be business or personal)

“Fulfilment. I seek fulfilment daily. As far as I am concerned that is the answer. Daily fulfilment. And to grow every day. Be a little bit better today than yesterday.”

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