By Sanne Breimer

Mike CeeIn ‘5 questions’ you read about inspiring stories from guests that stayed at one of the Tribe Theory locations around the globe. Today: Mike Cee from Hong Kong, entrepreneur and ‘a storyteller through music’. He visited us in Bali.

1. What’s your business, Mike?

“We make a pulling device (called a winch, branded PULLBOX) that disrupts the wakeboarding industry and other boardsports. I was never physically gifted but fell in love with surfing after finishing my degree; injured my knee and started a blog called ‘Rot Knee Surfer’. I chose surfing as my focus from then; wanting to overcome the adversity of injury in an against-the-odds journey, believing I could get paid for my passion while traditionalist naysayers advised me to come down to earth.”

2. When did you realize you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

“I grew up playing video games and loved ecology. As a kid I was fascinated by aquariums and animals and pursued a degree in Marine Biology, rejecting a Law School offer to do so. This was a path less paved and a conscious sacrifice for my passion.

At a certain moment, I had an itch to scratch — to be able to surf in my backyard when there were no waves and the closest sport, wakeboarding, was expensive or inaccessible. And as I was kicked out of home, there was a need for a punitive measure to force me to follow the set path of employment (surfing being seen as an illegitimate discipline) and had to find my own ways to make ends meet. The answer was entrepreneurship; with storytelling through music (rap or hip hop, whatever you may call it).”

3. What are your most important lessons learned so far?

“How much you make goes in direct proportion to how.”

4. What does the sentence “Entrepreneurs without borders” mean to you?

“I travel the world in search of surf while working remotely and I’m blessed to be able to work with some of the best athletes in their fields; converse with them about sport, entrepreneurship and a range of other philosophical topics.”

5. Famous last words

**** off if you don’t like it.

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