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Reality Detector joins the list of investments made by VC fund Draper Associates, amongst Singapore-based Draper Startup House and unicorns like SpaceX, Coinbase, Carta.

Singapore, 7 October 2020. For immediate release. — VC fund Draper Associates has invested SGD$500K in Reality Detector, a Singapore deep-tech startup that delivers video-based deception detection software.

Founded in 2019 by Dennis Ye, Reality Detector is the first of its kind in Singapore, with a purpose to create a world where all people can access undistorted reality and accurately place their trust in others, restoring authenticity, realism and credibility in human interactions.

Rooted by the local entrepreneurial community

Although Reality Detector braves the lesser chartered waters of Singapore’s deep-tech scene, Dennis sought inspiration from his surroundings: vastly taking root in the heart of Singapore’s Ann Siang area, which is the perfect blend of present active entrepreneurship and rich entrepreneurial past.
Dennis is no stranger to the close knit communities of clans and associations that fill the streets of Ann Siang. Apart from being a descendant to one of the found members of Ee Hoe Hean Club, a pioneering kongsi(company) in Singapore during the 1900s, he came to know of Draper Startup House (then Tribe Theory) when the founder, Vikram Bharati, decided to build a prototype Venture Hotel, at 39 Ann Siang Road, where the neighbouring Ning Yeung Wui Kuan clan association was previously housed. Prior to raising capital from Draper Associates, Dennis conducted a pre-seed investment round with support from Draper Startup House, which has since grown into a global hospitality chain for travelling entrepreneurs and an active startup ecosystem builder. “To help me in raising my pre-seed round, Vikram, who used to head Investments, organized a real IC for me with prominent people in the local startup community such as Fannie Soubiele and Cynthia Ding,” Dennis shares.

Driving change with new technology

Conventional methods for deception detection such as polygraphic use are inaccurate, time-inefficient and restrictive; Other existing methods are also quantitatively and qualitatively inferior, requiring hardware, contact and control. To combat these, Reality Detector detects deception cues by analysing live or recorded videos, eliminating the need for physical contact. Rooted in behavioural science, AI, deep-learning and computer vision methods, Reality Detector is the only existing pure software solution that can be applied to videos for deception detection analytics of invisible biometrics.

About Reality Detector

Reality Detector is a Singapore-based company delivering video-based deception detection software. The company aims to reveal incongruent words and actions at a glance, providing a Zero to One improvement over the Polygraph. More information can be found at

About Draper Associates

Draper Associates is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in industry-transforming companies and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast. More information can be found at

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