When the city council of Lisbon asked their people ten years ago what they would like for their city, they voted for a startup incubator. If that doesn’t show the love for entrepreneurship in the capital of Portugal, what does? Startup Lisboa was founded out of the participatory budget of the community, which gives the incubator a positive responsibility to create jobs for their people. Situated in three historical buildings in downtown Lisbon, Head of Strategy Andre Costa points out in an interview with Via News:

“One of the reasons why Startup Lisboa was created is to give a boost to the city by bringing young entrepreneurs to the city centre and to bring back the commerce. When the whole startup vibe started in Portugal, we were the first to surf the waves.”

“If you compare the quality of the talent, we’re pretty well classified, if you compare the cost we’re still very competitive. Having an engineering team in Lisbon is less expensive than having one in London, for example. If I go to Silicon Valley I can run a company for three months whereas in Portugal I can run it for two years.”