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You may have seen articles from our close friend and community partner, KrASIA, sharing original and insightful stories about entrepreneurs on their startup journey. Rarely do we hear about the KrASIA team and how they came to be. As an up and coming media powerhouse lifting startups through storytelling, we take the chance to place the spotlight on the ones who are oftentimes behind the scenes. From the Draper Startup House community, this is a special feature with Taro Ishida, KrASIA’s Startup Community Lead.

The charm of stories that connect

Oftentimes, startups come into the spotlight for their success in raising capital. But who is the founder, beyond the luminous title of CEO and/or Founder, and how did they convince investors to get onboard with their vision? What is their vision that spurs them on, steadfast? Beyond the limelight of success stories and capital raised, it is rare to hear about a startup’s journey, prior to their plans to expand.

That is until, we came to learn about KrASIA, through their well-received publication of stories on entrepreneurs in the community, and from meeting the team who have been engaging with the startup community beyond news around raising capital. As seen through Oasis Learning Nights and their other initiatives, we learnt that, on top of regular business focused stories, KrASIA also aims to focus on the people in the ecosystem and how technology is having a growing impact on societies.

Beyond the limelight: a media platform telling theback story and building community

A path slightly less travelled in the media world

Bridging a gap to make ends meet: New ways to conventional new media

When asked how KrASIA is a unique player in the market, Taro shares,“One of our strengths is we have a strong network in China and Japan – this provides fresh and unheard news to English readers in those markets. China especially has incredible things happening with their startups that we feel SEA founders can learn from, and hopefully inspire others to strive to do similar here.”  In addition to this, KrASIA also provides consulting services for companies, small and large, such as market research reports, business or VC matching and events. These services help with filling any information gaps or lack of connections for any companies looking to enter markets such as China or Japan.

Community-centered stories, activities

In addition to their media-focus, KrASIA emphasises on building, serving and engaging with the community. Oasis, KrASIA’s offshoot site, is centered around giving a platform for people within the startup ecosystem and beyond to share their personal experiences and lessons. “We want to have a space where people can feel comfortable sharing their stories and feel supported. It is a nice change from having a pure business focus that you usually get.”

Learning Nights at Draper Startup House

Diving deeper into the community and the interesting people met, we asked Taro to highlight one of his favourite encounters. His choice? Jo Tyndall, New Zealand High Commissioner to Singapore. On why it was iconic,“I had the privilege to interview her for Oasis and hearing her talk about her time designing the Paris Agreement was quite amazing. Having someone talk about their role in a truly historic moment was quite unreal.”

Jo Tyndall, photo courtesy of the NZ High Commission of Singapore

Entrepreneurial endeavours: Launching Startup Wire

According to Taro, the KrASIA team realised a lot of items go to the media’s editorial team, but they don’t get published for various reasons.

The problem — This results in startups’ voices drowned out when they have something they feel is important to get out. Additionally, some startups may be lacking in experience to craft the right pieces to catch the attention of the media team.

As such, Startup Wire serves as a solution to the challenges, being a media service that allows these startups to have a place to share their stories without missing out, while also receiving some guidance around media skills via online workshops. Startup Wire now provides a space on KrASIA to give their readers and the startups’ followers a place to hear from them directly and raise awareness of their activities.

Helping the ecosystem become further educated about the latest happenings while startups can learn about how to use channels like KrASIA to amplify their voice as they grow.

Starting with… an opportunity to be heard

As we support the enablement of one million entrepreneurs by 2030, together with KrASIA, we are doing a giveaway to one startup/founder for the month of June!

Simply complete this form to participate. Winner will be announced on 1 July 2021.

Spotlighting one of the one million in our community: Taro Ishida

I was born in Japan but raised in New Zealand. I moved to Singapore in 2018 while working for an adtech/mobile app startup, then started at KrASIA in 2020 and haven’t looked back since. It’s a great team and the cross-border element (team is spread across Singapore, India, Indonesia, Japan, China, Myanmar) makes for great experiences as you go.

I thoroughly enjoy living in Singapore and like to go on hikes, play darts, read, do deadlifts and eat fried chicken in my spare time. My role at KrASIA is to help startups with our media or consulting expertise while helping them connect with other like-minded people.

What I’m building

At KrASIA, we are growing our community of startups, investors and larger corporate sized companies across multiple countries so we can help these parties get connected across the region and help grow the ecosystem in any way we can. I am also always on the lookout for interesting people so always open for a coffee, in-person or virtual.

About KrASIA

Founded in 2017, KrASIA is a Singapore-based tech media platform that covers news from the tech and startup ecosystems in China, Southeast Asia and India. From fund-raising news to analysis of the latest tech trends, we help our audience keep up with the developments of Asia’s tech scene and the next wave of innovators who challenge the status quo.

About Startup Wire

Startup Wire is a new initiative by KrASIA to help startup’s with their media needs. By providing a channel for startups to share their stories, we want to help them grow and reach their goals while spreading their voice to our readers.

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