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Tim Draper speaks at Draper UniversitySilicon Valley’s Entrepreneurship Education Made Globally Accessible with Draper Startup House

Draper Startup House announced collaboration with Draper University to deliver online entrepreneurship courses alongside an offline learning experience, while building the startup ecosystem to help entrepreneurs across the world. Enrollment for the course is now available at:

Singapore, 19 August 2020. For immediate release. — Draper Startup House and Draper University announced this week that they are partnering to spearhead the launch of online entrepreneurship courses with an offline learning experience to help entrepreneurs across the globe. The course is furnished with content from Silicon Valley’s expert investors, executives and entrepreneurs, activities that foster collaboration among diverse-minded entrepreneurs, access to mentorship from industry leaders, and a pre-seed funding opportunity. This is coupled with in-house consultations, networking and pitching events at the 10 physical locations of Draper Startup House, alongside a reach to a global community of entrepreneurs.

These courses oversee all stages of an entrepreneur’s journey, including:

  • Ideation, Customer Discovery and Product Market Fit
  • Modelling the business
  • Growth Hacking and Scaling
  • Fundraising and Pitching Fundamentals

Young entrepreneurs pitching ideas at Draper Startup House BaliDiverse-minded individuals now have borderless access to support, and opportunities to genuinely connect with one another — from sourcing for inspiration, to seeking guidance and feedback throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Stronger together with collective action, this collaboration between Draper University and Draper Startup House ensures entrepreneurs are empowered, and well-equipped with skills and knowledge to drive impact and successfully scale their startups.

“The future of humanity has always rested on the shoulders of those who build against all odds. Draper University and Draper Startup House are collaborating to find these entrepreneurial heroes. Come join us and let’s build the future together,” said Andy Tang, CEO of Draper University.

Vikram Bharati, Founder of Draper Startup House International, shares, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Draper University to turn all our Draper Startup House locations worldwide into micro-campuses. This combination of both an online and offline education experience is exciting because it may be the way forward on how education will be delivered in the future, at scale globally. Together with Draper University, we will accelerate our mission of enabling 1 million entrepreneurs by 2030.”

Running on a monthly basis, you can now sign up to attend the entrepreneurship course in-house at any Draper Startup House location, with free accommodation or co-working space at select locations, enabling people to connect with the community:


Draper University has innovated entrepreneurial education. To date, their programs have united 2300+ entrepreneurs from 87 countries, who have raised over $350 million in venture funding. With an unconventional teaching process, students are challenged emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually through an inspiring team-based and activity-based curriculum, the ultimate goal is to launch something innovative and important. To learn more, visit


The mission at Draper Startup House is to enable ONE MILLION entrepreneurs by 2030, disrupting hospitality by inventing a new category of entrepreneurial tourism and creating true value through their ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs.

Through the use of real human connection, inspired business travel, a diverse-minded community and access to global citizens – the community members of Draper Startup House are able to connect to new opportunities, inspire one another to innovate and execute, and empower one another to GO BIG, pay it forward, and drive progress. Please visit for more information.

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