By George Samuels

A couple holding handsTribe Theory is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Fairy Trail, a dating app for travelling entrepreneurs.

Using , remote workers, world citizens, and people passionate about travel can match and video chat from anywhere. It’s a travel app that makes dating safer and more fun. What’s innovative about it is that it turns the online dating process from a simple swipe mechanism (e.g. Tinder), into something that facilitates more real-world, adventurous, and less superficial interactions.

“Fairytrail is a fabulous idea. For many traveling entrepreneurs, finding a partner while on the move is a real problem. The lifestyle is incredibly unpredictable, location-independent, and nerve-wracking for most. However, as the world becomes increasingly connected and mobile, we have to start finding new and innovative ways to accommodate this growing population. Fairytrail understands this dilemma well – I look forward to seeing the partnership evolve.” ~George Samuels, Head of Community at Tribe Theory

The other benefit of Fairytrail is that it is perfectly suited to Tribe Theory’s core audience, “the millennial business traveller”, which includes digital nomads, remote workers, and self-identifying global citizens. The young at heart will get a real treat!

Young couple riding a highway on a scooter“I’m really excited about the Fairytrail and Tribe Theory partnership because there’s such a strong passion for exploration and world travel in both communities. Now we can serve both the dating and housing needs of our combined audience!” ~Taige Zhang, founder of Fairytrail

With this new partnership, we hope to further connect, inspire, and empower our guests in new ways.

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